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Full name:Omri Haim Katz
Birthdate:May 30th, 1976
Hair color:Light Brown
Eye Color:Blue-Green
amily Members:Mom-Rina, Dad-Yorum, Brother-Michael, and Sister-Lali
Favorite Movies:Point Break & Terminator 2
Favorite Actor:Al Pacino
Favorite Food:Shushi
Favorite Color:Black
Favorite Sport:Basketball
Favorite Place To Visit:Israel (he lived there once when he was younger)


Film Appearances:

Adventures in Dinosaur City(1991)
Hocus Pocus(1993)
Journey Into Night(2002)

TV Show Appearances:

Simon & Simon(guest star)(1984)
The Torkelsons(guest star)(1991)
The John Larroquttee Show(guest appearances)(1993-1995)
Zorro(guest star)(1990)
Circus of the Stars(guest star)
Freaks and Geeks (1999)

(A somewhat recent picture of Omri. Thank you James for the picture. )

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